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Oil filter adaptors.

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  • Oil filter adaptors.

    A little tid bit of info I found out the other night.

    I was comparing my 2.8 S-10 block and oil filter adaptor to my '95 3100 and Chris' (14secdreams) 2.8L FWD block and oil filter adaptor.

    It seems there was a change at some point for the position of the oil pressure bypass, on the 2.8L RWD block it is installed in the oil filter adaptor housing, while on bith FWD engines I have access to, it is installed in the block itself.

    So this may be useful for some one planning on swapping a FWD block for a RWD block or vise-versa (common with Fieros), I can't tell if this is a year change or a generation change, at least not at this point.
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    Yea on my Camaro engine the valve was in the block and on my original 1993 oil filter adapter it was inside the adapter itself. Both RWD iron head engines of course
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