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  • 2007 Pontiac G6

    Hello... is anybody in here? The place seems kind of dead these days. Here's my problem, maybe someone here can help. I've got a 2007 Pontiac G6 with a blown 3.5l LZ4 engine. The #6 piston broke and took the head AND the block, well, the bore with it.No saving this one, i'm afraid. The car itself is solid, no visible rust, but it won't win any beauty contests, either. So i do not want to sink any more money than necessary. The three options i seem to have are: 1. Find a used engine in a yard. It looks like $500ish is about the bottom of that market. I don't know how the wrecking yard world works these days, a used piece just has a lot of uncertainty. Option 2 would be to attempt to re-engineer a 3.4l LA1 out of a 1997 "U" van i already have, in known running condition. Side by side, the two engines look pretty close, most of the external stuff seems like it would migrate from the 3.5 to the 3.4. The biggest problem i see with this is making the PCM, etc., deal with the non-VVT 3.4l engine. I have ZERO experience with the VVT engines. Can the PCM be made to work the engine without the VVT hardware present AND without lighting up all the warning lights? Option 3 would be to use the 3.4l as a "short block", so to speak, and move ALL of the VVT parts over from the 3.5l engine. It "looks" like everything will match and bolt up, but i have not physically tried anything as yet. I don't even have the cam and lifters out of the 3.5 yet, except for the two on the bad cylinder. They looked fine, so the cam might be okay, too. If the cam, front cover, coolant crossover, and intake manifold fit the 3.4l block and heads, would the PCM be okay with a "3.4l VVT engine"? This is starting to seem a little "through the looking glass", and it may really be too much work for what is, at best, a daily driver/beater car. Anyone have any idea if these parts can be mashed together to work? If not, the car is probably going to the crusher. Thanks, in advance.

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    Since you have everything in front of you, I guess you could try, but I'm pretty sure the change in bore offset is going to stop you from being successful without further modifications(fabrication). I would like to see what a VVT cam looks like in comparison to the older models though.


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      This isn't going to be easy or cheap. Check for a used engine. Last I looked the LZ4 in my area is only about $250 +taxes and fees and such. That would mean you could take things apart enough to have confidence in the motor and still have less than $500 in the motor and gaskets. You would be waayyyy ahead of what it would cost to run an older 3.4L in the G6. Just my 0.02$

      Good luck!