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1992 Cutlass 3.1 cold idle & hesitation problem

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  • 1992 Cutlass 3.1 cold idle & hesitation problem

    It started with the purchase of a non-running 1992 Olds Cutlass 3.1L 144K miles. Broken timing chain, bent valves. Replaced timing chain/gear set, found reman heads with same part#/stamping. Got the car running and have put about 4K miles on it with fluid services, tune-up maintenance, etc.

    When I performed the head replacement I put new AC Delco OEM plugs, plug wires, cleaned the throttle body, found and fixed the plugged EGR port, all new gaskets and cooling system refresh with pump/thermostat. I had idle problems but attributed them to old fuel, dirty injectors, etc. Ran a good bit of Fuel cleaner (Chevron Techron). The problem started with a stumble/die at the touch of the throttle -or- hesitation from a light. I replaced the TPS, better but not good. Next I replaced the IAC, better but not good. The problem occurred cold or hot at that point. Car would sometimes illuminate the "Service Engine Soon" light. I acquired the Actron OBD1 tool but it doesn't produce/flash out any codes and I can never get the light to stay on more than a few moments and can't test with the light turned on. I took it to a local shop, they indicated it was the IAC circuit. Said it would drive the IAC one direction but not the other and would ultimately let the idle creep to 3000+ RPMs. They replaced the PCM with a used one but kept the original ROM and put it into the replacement PCM. Things were ALOT better but short lived. Since then mechanic retired & closed...

    Current symptom is cold only. Car idles kinda high upon start up (2400) and wants to die the moment the throttle is touched, in park or in gear. This lasts longer than the apx 5min closed loop time and beyond reaching operating coolant temperature. Once I have driven the car on the open road, for example, 20 miles to work, then it idles fins, drives fine, no stumble or hesitation when touching the accelerator from a dead stop, etc. Let the car cool down and I have the same issue when I go to leave from work.

    Without just throwing parts at it, I am not sure where to go from here.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Well, 13 days and no replies... Guess I am still on my own.