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1998 Lumina 3.1L - Small Vacuum Line

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  • 1998 Lumina 3.1L - Small Vacuum Line

    I was replacing the battery on my 1998 Lumina with a 3.1L when I noticed a vacuum line hanging down behind the battery. It has a 90 degree elbow at the end but has nothing within reach to plug it in to. The line itself is broken and shows to be a two layer line. The line is attached with a screwed-in clip on the wheel well and has other vacuum connections prior to passing the battery. Does anyone know what this is and where its supposed to go to? Should I just plug it so the rest of the connections get full vacuum?
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    are you sure its vacuum and not the hose for the washer fluid tank? if it is for sure a vacuum line there may be a vacuum canister (looks like a round ball) under the battery tray. i cant say i can remember off hand, its been so long since i looked at one of those cars.


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      Any updates on this one?


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        I know I'm replying to an old post.

        That line is for vacuum. One end is connected to a tee and a one-way valve. The other end passes behind the battery and down to a vacuum reservoir canister. The canister is probably located in front of the wheel well. The canister looks like a plastic cannon ball.

        Just a general diagram. The line in question is denoted by the blue arrow. Disregard the stuff in red.
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