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    T5 won't handle it well. That's what is in this S10, and the second T5 I've run behind this engine is now *very* unhappy. 4 months of driving it regularly, and I don't take it out for burnouts or drag launches every week either. Every time you toe in more than about 40% throttle you can feel every tooth engagement in 2nd gear, and at full throttle the grinding of bearings being loaded too heavy is very loud. It's whining pretty badly at road speeds lately, and the endplay in the case is enough that it decides to jump out of gear while running down the road fairly often. This trans has 78K miles on it, has been behind this engine for 4 months, been to the drag strip once, and mostly just gets driven around town.

    The T5 will start to break regularly at the 275HP level...those "500HP T5" ads and cars you hear about...that's a world class case with 2000$ worth of aftermarket gearset and shafts in them. World-class and Non-world class T5's are only rated for 265ft-lbs input torque, even the V8 models. Been there, done that, have the shrapnel scars from a 2nd gear failure in my leg.

    It's a shame that GM never put a stout longitudinal manual behind these engines, the T5 is a wonderful box to drive but they just can't take much power. These engines could be a real weapon in a chevette, turbo 3400/3500/3900 and a good transmission, would take a lot of the v6-class sportsman races. So far, the Aisin MA5/R15x/AX15 has been the least modified option I've found so far. Six-Shooter is running a Nissan FS5R30A trans in his car though-which is good for a LOT of power no problems. So there's another option as well.
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      im quite aware of what the t5 can and cant do, im a licenced transmission builder (although now i build custom cars). part of the problem with the t5 is the wide ratio gear sets are weak, they tend to put a lot of extra strain on the case and mainshaft, especially in 2nd and 3rd. a tall final drive ratio is another killer of the t5, the taller the final drive the more strain put on the transmission. there is a reason that a world class in a v8 camaro can die behind a stock engine, yet a fox body mustang making 400hp can last on the street and strip. i do agree, the t5 isnt the best option, far from it. the aisin warners are a great option. i just rebuilt a pair of them, using a kit from drift motion they are known to handle 800hp.

      im still debating on what trans to put in my future race car build. its going to be a high strung 176ci n/a engine in something to run at bonneville. unsure what its going in yet. im sure power wise a ford wc t5 would do the job. for a minute i did consider a nash 4+3 as being able to split gears would be handy.


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        Good to hear that it is running good! How did it do at the track?
        1999 Olds Alero 2.4 to 3500 swap (running). totaled by a honda
        1992 lumina 4 door 3500 3spd auto 15.020 @93.5 mph
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        14.96@91.47 in the 1/4
        9.63@74.36 in the 1/8th
        14.30 on slicks! scrapped due to rust!


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          Been a long while since I updated this thread.

          Truck has been running stone-cold reliable ever since. I drive 100 miles a day to go to work, and it never misses a beat. After a little tuning, I get 30.5 MPG on the highway, and put down 310HP on a Dyno Dynamics dynomometer at 9.3lbs of boost.

          The truck hasn't made a full pass at the strip yet. Broke two T5's, twisted up a driveshaft, and broke the 7.625" 10-bolt rear axle, but never made a good run.

          These days, the rear end has a shortened 8.8 Ford, 11" rear disk brakes, and rides on 225/75/15 Yokohama's. I have almost finished the paint, I need to repaint the hood. The supercharger was hitting the underside of the hood, even after cutting in a 2.5" rise, and knocked off a lot of the paint through flexing the hood. I haven't had time off work to repaint that yet. I have adapted in an Aisin AX15 transmission from a Chevy Colorado truck, the adaptations include moving the shifter forward 6" on the case, swapping the bellhousing out for a Dodge Dakota 2.5L bell, and swapping the front case cover for a XJ Jeep Cherokee front case cover.

          Here's a shot of what it looks like today, except I have installed the gas filler doors...whoops!


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            good looking truck. my threads also fell victim to photobucket. I think they realized the $400 a year was ridiculous after they lost 90% of their customers.
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