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Intake boots between maf and throttle body

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  • Intake boots between maf and throttle body

    So, i think if i move the maf and use a different elbow, i can clear the stock hood.

    Original application was a 2004 Buick rendezvous with a 3400.

    This is what im working with:

    The elbow needs to make a hard 90 right off the throttle body. It also needs to house the intake air temp sensor. Additionally, i have the valve cover breather plumbed between the maf and throttle body. Not sure thats correct placement though.

    The throttle body opening is oval, and the maf is bigger opening by visuals.

    Im looking for a common junkyard part. The yards down here are primarily full of late 90s-2008 stuff, with very few honda/toyota priducts with parts still on them.

    What ideas do we have for a more workable boot?

    Do i plumb the valve cover breather before or after that maf?

    Other ideas?

    Really trying not to cut the hood.

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    I'd recommend going to your home improvement store for a PVC elbow and a short section of PVC. We've had this on the race car for 7 years now and it's held up great. I would've painted it but it's LeMons so it fits right in in faded white. We started with a parts store Spectre elbow but threw it away because it was terrible for flow. The PVC elbow has the best radius that we could fit in our packaging and is reasonably light as well. I think we had to lube up the PVC the first time to get the rubber over it and then rough it up to keep it from falling off the second time. it's been awhile since I've thought about that...

    Good luck!


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      Do you remember what diameter pvc? and what did you use for the rubber coupler?


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        I'm pretty sure I used 3" which is 3" ID and 3.5" OD for straight and the slip flanges are 3.5" ID and 4" OD. I used the stock rubber hose to go from the throttle body to a straight section then put an elbow with a 4" cone filter directly on the elbow. You're a little bit more restricted on space and need the elbow first. I'd grab a 2.5" and 3" elbow and see what you can make work. The stock rubber hose is larger on the MAF side than the TB side so that may play a role. You might also be able to cut the stock hose in half and hose clamp the bellows section to the PVC if you don't need a lot of flexibility.

        Good luck!