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3900 LZ9 w/ F40 6-speed swap into '90 Z24

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  • 3900 LZ9 w/ F40 6-speed swap into '90 Z24

    image_8838.jpg 20200619_000139.jpg Hi all,

    After siffting through the topics in this category, I figured me starting this new topic wouldn't be overlapping much.

    I picked up a 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP equipped with an LZ9 3900 mated to the F40 6-speed gearbox. I am going to be tearing out the 3.1 MPFI and HM-282 Getrag/Muncie 5-speed from my '90 Z24, and fitting the larger engine and gearbox from the Pontiac in place of the old powerplant.

    To make life easier, I figure to convert my j-body to the Pontiac's OBD2 platform. This way I should be left with the essence of a G6 GTP in a Z24. I know someone in Mississauga, ON had swapped in an F40 gearbox into their blue 3400 SFI 4 door j-body, so that's helpful. Now, is there anyone who could provide me with any templates, pointers, or advice to help me get this project heading in the right direction?

    My method will be to get the engine and transmission all fitted up and aligned properly with all the necessary G6 wiring swapped in place of the Cavalier harnesses, to get the car running properly. Once all that is functioning, I intend to extract the power plant and driveline again, tear it all down, and rebuild/bolster the internals where possible. After reinstalling the rotating assemblies, I want to do something I believe to be (could be wrong), quite different; an intercooled dual charging system (supercharger and turbocharger combination).

    This project is perhaps a "proof of concept" build and I expect will be stoopid powerful. I don't know if this rig will be streetable when I'm done, but that isn't the point; I just want to kit bash a couple cars together with power adders to see what I end up with.

    Please submit your thoughts. Like you, I enjoy tinkering, but I won't pretend to know all there is about this endeavor, so please help however you can.


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