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    I currently own a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP '91 with around only 28000 miles on it. It got the manual getrag 284 transmission. I'm currently rebuilding the engine and I'm planning to put it into my fiero. How ever it's just interesting how much the car would be worth if I were to put it back into the grand prix.
    It's in mint condition. Anyone that could estimate it?
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    where are you located? i'll take that tranny if you decide to get rid of the car .

    i guess ideally it would be about 4-4.5k. but trying to get that much would be a challenge.

    locally or internet maybe but forget getting that much from any of the forums.
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      you wont get 3 grand for it, sadly.
      btw, worst car ever made
      91 GTP HM-284 GONE
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        Originally posted by pwmin View Post
        you wont get 3 grand for it, sadly.
        btw, worst car ever made
        I guess I'll stick to my plan then and put the engine and the transmission into my fiero gt 88 then.


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          better make a plan c. that tranny will not fit a fiero. it is a getrag 284, it was made specifically for that engine in that car.

          err should i say it will not fit easily. something to do with the mounts and the axles iirc. most fiero peeps just use 282's but if you like a challange a 284 is much stronger and the gears are quite a bit deeper. hate to discourage you but i think only 1 person successfully put a 284 into a fiero.

          not too hard really, just expensive. you'll need custom axles and a custom mount. the mount probably isn't too bad, any1 with a welder and 1/2 a brain can fab you up one. axles.....that is pricey i assume although if you knew some1 i would guess you'd take then a set of stock fiero axles and replicate them in the larger size for the 284. the 284 has bigger axles than the 282 i think.

          so, let's see a pic of the car. if this thing was kept out of the weather, it will be like a w-body time capsule.

          never seen one this fresh be4.

          if i were you, id get another lq1(3.4 dohc) and drive that thing. i have a good one if you were interested.

          w-bodies are not that bad actually. they are very receptive to suspension mods. not so good at the strip due to their porky-ness and lack of low speed tq. the 3.4 actually makes decent tq but it doesn't hit max tq until 4k.

          p.s. wth happened to the car to cause engine failure at 28k??????
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            Amazingly I found this forum and my account after 11 years. I will now post a picture of the car how it's living today sadly. I replaced the crankshaft, bearings, pistons and clutch but I never got to replacing the oil cooler and mounting the engine again. Embarassing, but I have lost interest in this car and I hope somebody one day will finish the work and drive it.
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              Originally posted by Delirius View Post
              I hope somebody one day will finish the work and drive it.
              It would be a thousand times easier if you'd posted where the car is.
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