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    How long will a well built mild steel 16 gauge turbo exhaust header last ?

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    Should last for years, if built well and the turbo is supported independently.

    I've made a few turbo header sets out of 16 AWG mild steel. The firs set was on my Franken60 that saw year round use in Canada, so they went through all sorts of temperature ranges and elements. The latest set is on my LX9, but it's only been together since the Summer, and it's not winter driven.


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      Thanks, I have a small oxy set and a wire feed so i should be able to handle it with a little practice.... any suggestions on who has the best deal on pipe bends ?


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        Gas mig? if not, get one. The first set I built I used gas shielded MIG, the later sets used a TIG (once I got it). At this point I would only use TIG to weld up headers because it's a lot easier to find any possible missed welds, and they look much better on top of that.

        I used Hedman Hedders for my bends. I was able to buy a "Box o' Bends" and cut them to sizes I needed.

        Just a couple pictures of the headers in the build stage for the Franken60

        Turbo positioning 3.jpg
        Left header tacked.jpg

        A couple pictures of the build stage of the headers for the LX9


        Here's a picture of the front header I built for a turbo Cavalier, this is one of my favorites.


        And the very convoluted rear header:


        Just thought these might give you some ideas.


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          Another source is Speedway Motors. They had everything I needed when I built my headers.


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            Yes its' a gas mig... I'll check that Hedman soucre...... Speed way, I bought an adapter plate 60 degree [ 2.8-3.4] engine to chevy 350 th, 2004r trans. I 'll check them for pipe also thanks .