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4T65E Hardened 4th hub & solenoid upgrade

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    Push-starting the old way

  • 4T65E Hardened 4th hub and solenoid upgrade

    Use your 33mm or 34mm socket to break the spindle nut free on the driver's side wheel.

    Loosen & reset each lug nut so you can break them free easier once the vehicle is on jack stands.

    Remove the induction hoses and air filter from the engine to allow access to the wiring harness and allow clearance when the engine subframe is lowered.

    Disconnect the wiring harness from the transmission by pinching the round connector on each side and pulling back. Disconnect the shift cable by lifting it off the ball stud.

    Remove the thru bolts from the upper engine mount strut links and then remove the bracket from the radiator support on the driver's side. This will allow room for the foot of the engine support beam.

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    • Kristopher Gerbracht
      Kristopher Gerbracht
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      I own an 85 6000 STE with the 'W' engine and TH 125 C. I did not see any specific date for the 'W' engine or the TH 125 C. Will I find any information somewhere else?

      Kristopher Gerbracht
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