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    Ben, Brad,

    I put in a valiant effort and failed. I recently purchased a 1993 cutlass rag top with a DOHC in her. She leaked everywhere as far as vacuum was concerned. She also had a nasty coolant leak on the steel tube from TB to inlet housing at water pump.

    So I pulled her apart and decided now would be a good time to learn how to tig weld and weld the coolant port from LIM to UIM and keep my TB cooler.

    Well.....I never could see the pretty puddle I saw in every video I watched, I either pushed my material through the manifold or it sat on it like solder and flaked off. Either way I dont know what the hell I'm doing. I thought I had finally packed enough material in there and got it sealed, then ground it down to clear the UIM. It looked good. It didn't seal for shit. Soon as she reached operating temp she leaked.

    So I'm asking. Begging really. Do you want my butchered LIM sent to you, so you can fix my weld, or can you supply me a LIM with that port welded shut and how much?

    sigpicHow to make High performance Emissions:
    A "true" High flow converter, straight pipe.
    Low/No flow EGR valve, block off plate.
    Carbon canister and purge valve mod, place in large 30 Gallon can, cover, and place curbside, the city will do the rest.
    PCV valve and vent tube, reroute to exhaust to dump where it belongs, on the ground. Or add breathers and let it all free.

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    Brad takes care of this site, and the server, but not WOT-Tech. We do not have any 3.4 DOHC parts and it would be best to get a new lower and run it without modification. If you want to modify it, tap it for a plug and skip the welding.