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First race at Kalamazoo Speedway

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  • First race at Kalamazoo Speedway

    Went to Kalamazoo yesterday to check out the racing. They have Flip Flop Cyber Stocks, which are FWD cars setup to go either way around the track, and then they have the Outlaw Cyber Stocks. Stock appearing mods, and thats about it that I know of for the rules. No boost.

    R&R Motorsports are the team we sponsor, mostly with Dan's car They have 3 cars, 2 in the Outlaw and 1 in the Flip Flop. All 3 had a great first race, and for Travis in the Flip Flip event, that was truly his first race ever (4th place!),runid,3904023

    Dan qualified first, and then started at the back of the pack (17 cars) to take the lead and run away with it. Larry got 3rd with his car, running Dan's motor from last year (we sponsored that setup as well).

    20160429_204309 (Medium).jpg

    This is a video of Dan passing the last car before leaving everyone behind


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    pretty cool. I follow you on the FB but is there a thread for the mods to engine?


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      Nope, no mod list is available