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  • WTB: MAP connector

    For a 1987 2.8 S-10. I got the MAP connector caught in the transmission when I dropped the motor. I pulled the motor back up but the connector got cut off at the the top. I don't think there is enough wire left to splice and I don't want to buy a whole new wiring harness. I figured some one might have one extra. I would really appreciate a new connector with a few inches of wire to splice.


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    I know there is a place that sells the connectors with pigtails for a decent price new, but can't remember the URL.


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      Were you thinking of the eficonnection site ?:

      HTH, Fitz
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        Yeah, that would be it. You were the one that gave me the URL last time, but now its here.

        EFI connectors MAP connector IAC connector TPS connector MAF connector O2 connector

        That might help for search, until we get rolling on article updates. Ooo, links?

        edit, added a link and put your name on it Added some keywords too so that should help.
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          Thanks so much!!!! I never thought I would get such a great answer, so quickly. I have a little relief going to sleep and a new bookmark.