Hi Everyone. It's been many (many) "moons" since I made an introduction here. We are finally getting back to our '61 Volvo PV544 project (HT 3.4L crate).

My intro was here way back when: http://www.60degreev6.com/vb5/forum/...-49th-parallel

It's quite likely I'll be back with questions but, in the meantime, I have two (I did search and couldn't find definitive answers)

Question 1
On the damper installed by GM, there is the main (deep groove) then two other smaller lines around the circumference. Can anyone shed any light?

Question 2

Quite some time ago, I found a timing indicator that bolts right up to to spare bolt holes above the damper. (see photo). Can anyone identify what it is off of and if it will work with this engine?