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3100/3400 heads

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  • 3100/3400 heads

    I have an interesting question here hopefully someone can answer.

    Are the 03+ 3100/3400 head ports (especially on the intake side) superior to 00-02 head versions?

    The reason I ask this. I have a set of heads (three digit cast #232) which are off of pre 03. I'm work on a century that's an 04, and the intake port angle is a bit "steeper" going onto the valve vs. my other head. The air on the 03-04 century head has a straighter shot at the valve vs. the other head I stated. The angles seem a bit different to me due to the floor on the 04 head "seems" raised then swoops downward at the valve making the air go straight at the valve.

    can someone confirm please......Thanks