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Yeah , Another sawp thread....

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  • Yeah , Another sawp thread....

    Okay here goes , I have access to a rather large pick a part and was wondering which year / body styles I should go with for Highest Gains..

    My victim is a Nearly new 49k mile 1990 Lumina with the 3.1 , Some of you may have seen the thread in the 'Boost' section .

    I was trolling the yard today and there's a Whole Lotta Gm's of all kinda years. & the people (read owners) are real cool and I could score all of the parts for a song. So like I said I need info like that , I'm more than capable of doing this Swap , sad thing is I just did a Head gasket Job on this car to get it running !!!!

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    are you asking what car to go with or motor?

    Its runs!!!>>>Aint No 60* Sound Like Me


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      I guess I'm asking which heads and intake would make for a nice swap to my 90 3.1 .


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        the best you can do for heads is the 3400(00+ 3100 as well) heads...
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