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95 3.1 swaped to 3400?

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  • 95 3.1 swaped to 3400?

    Ok so i'm new here and can't seem to find what i was looking for in the search. I'm going to be buying a 95 3.1 auto Ga tomorrow.And i just picked up a almost complete 3400 with bad head gaskets for 50bucks. I have a 272H Crane Cam locks and springs brand new never used. I was thinking about doing or swap to the 3400 if anything is wrong with the 3.1 the car is only 200 bucks. But i also kinda wanna put my cam to use's it was kinda expensive. So if i put the cam and 3400 heads on the 3.1 bottom end would it be worth keeping the 3.1 in there? or would it be best to just swap to the 3400 in there?

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    isn't the H272 a flat-tappet cam?
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      If you ask me it would be pretty useless to put a cam and good heads on a lesser displacement motor... There is no replacement to displacement


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        Originally posted by zoideraserb View Post
        There is no replacement to displacement

        correct but it involves no mods to anything just pull build and bolt back in


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          Well i've come to a decision that i'm going to do a complete 3400 swap in the Ga is there any little mods i can do to the car for better performance? not looking to take it to anybody for anything

          i was just informed that i have to swap out ecm and engine harness to swap to a 04 3400?
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            No computer swap/harness necessary. As long as you use the 3100's injectors and various sensors, your existing pcm will run a 3400.

            Most of GM's 94-95 PCM's (OBD1.5) are untunable so if you do plan on modding the 3400 then you'll have to consider swapping to an OBD1 computer (someone here sells conversion harnesses for this) or OBDII. For OBDII I would recommend a PCM from a 97 grand am instead as the wiring is a LOT more similar than from an 04.
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              Ok So is there any mods i can do w/o costing me money what about porting or gasket matching?


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                You can port or gasket match if you know what your doing, but HP is not free... Just remember that.

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                  Originally posted by 3400-95-Modified View Post
                  You can port or gasket match if you know what your doing, but HP is not free... Just remember that.
                  I have port matched be4 but do i just wanna open up the top of the port or does it matter how would you recamend doing it? and i know Hp isn't free but it can be free'd up for a bit of work on my part i'm sure.