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'93 Achieva SCX Sale/OBO/Trade+Cash

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  • For Sale : '93 Achieva SCX Sale/OBO/Trade+Cash

    Yes, I am considering selling the SCX. Nothing wrong with it , other than the items mentioned below. I drive it everyday almost except when the weather is bad (snow, sleet,etc.), then I drive one of my other cars or the F-150. Unfortunately, I could use a slight cash infusion AND I have my eye on a Quasar GTZ. I love my SCX, but my first love in the HO Quad department has always been the GTZ.

    So, meat and potatoes.

    1993 Oldsmobile Achieva SCX
    Aqua Exterior
    Grey-Blue Interior
    1 of 73 Achieva SCX's produced in Aqua in 1993 and 1 of only 500 produced in 1993. VERY RARE!
    Price: $2900.00 O.B.O.

    The Good:

    * 2.3L W41 Quad 4 16v DOHC engine. 185 HP/160 Torque. Stock.
    * New Venture T550 manual transmission. Stock.
    * Electronic CCR suspension complete minus electronic shocks/struts. CCR computer/wiring/controls installed and accounted for.
    * Brand new clutch kit, less than 7500 miles on it.
    * Brand new 1 1/4 inch core radiator swapped from a Beretta.
    * Brand new AC Delco Shocks and Struts as well as shock mounts and strut mounts/bearing plates 6 months ago.
    * Brand new AC Delco a/c compressor 6 months ago.
    * Brand new Pioneer 6x9 speakers in rear deck about a month ago.
    * Brand new front brake pads about a month ago.
    * Brand new Oil Pump Gear.
    * Brand new CTS sensor
    * Brand new O2 sensor
    * Brand new fail safe T-stat (Stant)
    * Brand new Autolite Iridium spark plugs.
    * Brand new Fram fuel filter 5 months ago.
    * Brand new True Blue headlight bulbs. (9000k I believe, I'd have to look.) They are much brighter than stock and look nice too!
    * Coolant system flushed COMPLETELY with all brand new green coolant put in, 50/50 mixture (I mixed it).
    * Brake Fluid system COMPLETELY flushed by me and brand new fluid put in about a month ago.
    * Cruise Control works great!
    * Tilt steering.
    * Fog lights work great.
    * Factory am/fm cassette radio that works perfectly.
    * 6 way adjustable driver and passenger bucket seats.
    * Split bench fold down rear seats for trunk access/cargo room.
    * WAI intake system. (Still have the stock system if you desire it.)
    * LeMans SR white letter tires about 35% tread all around. A bit weather checked, and could use replacement ,but reliable and tread worthy.
    * All 4 SCX factory rims in great shape.
    * A/C is ICE COLD!!
    * Body is straight , very straight, with almost zero rust. A tiny bit in the middle of the RR wheel well. Rust free undercarriage!
    * All glass is good with the exception of the windshield. Has a crack about 3" from the bottom all the way across.
    * Interior is very clean for the year and age. COMPLETE, nothing missing. Typical door panel trim issues for the SCX.

    The Bad:

    * Dash was warping and pulling back from the windshield, so I "fixed it" by removing the dash and using 4 self tapping screws to flatten it back down and hold it. It sounds ghetto but it came out looking good , clean and stock. Unless you stare at it, you wouldn't even notice. You can see the "fixed" dash in the pics below. You'll be hard pressed to tell it was ever messed with!
    * Door handle (JUST the door HANDLE trim needs to be reinstalled) trim all present for driver's side door but needs to be reinstalled.
    * Door panels are both in very nice shape but are doing the typical pull away from the windows at the top of the panels a bit. I think new clips would solve that issue as they appear to be missing.
    * About a 6" piece missing from headliner stay trim piece where it meets carpet stay trim piece on passenger side, right above the floorboard behind the passenger front seat. Unnoticeable unless you're in the back passenger seat.
    * Needs a new driver's side muffler. It has a hole in the top of it.
    * Spoiler is MIA. Was that way when I bought it and I think the trunk lid was replaced because there are no existing drilled holes for it. Spoiler from any Achieva is the same one and will bolt right in place. The holes are marked in the underside of the trunk by the factory so you will know right where to drill!
    * Paint is typical early 90's GM. Bad clear coat. Roof, hood and trunk all faded some down to the upper body lines of the car. From there below it still shines as seen in the pics.
    * Driver's side window only goes down about 3" and Passenger side goes up and down very little and very slowly. It needs new power window motors only. The regulators are fine. Doesn't bother me, I just use the A/C or Heat.
    * Check Oil light and Check Gages (yes, that's how GM spells Gauges,lol) light come on periodically and flicker back out. This is due to a sticky oil level sensor and is a common issue on Quads. I assure you the oil level is fine (I check it at least 3 times a week) and no other problems exist. I have a scanner and no codes come up. And all gauges work as they should. It's just annoying. I had planned to install a new OLS when I change the oil next. If it doesn't sell , I will and that should kill the lights. They stay out most of the time.
    * Front spoiler lower air dam has a crack that's been temporarily repaired, but will need plasti-weld repair later on. You can see one pic below where it is present and it's fixed in the others.

    I think that's about it. Now , the kicker that may drive some folks away. This car was involved in an accident in '96 and was repaired. NO FRAME DAMAGE OR RADIATOR SUPPORT OR PILLAR OR FRONT END DAMAGE. However, Arizona slapped it with a Salvage Title. I'm fairly certain I can obtain a New Mexico clean title for the purchaser. I haven't titled it in my name yet as I was driving on the Arizona tags. But I know the NM DOT pretty well, and I'm fairly certain they will issue me a clean title after an inspection. This way , if you're an out of state buyer, you will have a clean title to transfer to in your state, thus getting a clean title in your state as well. I also have a Carfax on this car for interested buyers.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'm an open and honest person and will hide NOTHING from you. I'm a very motivated seller. Money talks and BS walks. If you're a tire kicker don't waste my time. I don't HAVE to sell this car , I'm just interested in a GTZ instead and a little extra cash is NEVER a bad thing, especially in these economic times!

    On to the pics. Engine cover has been repainted black. So it's no longer the red in the pics below.

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    It should be noted the aforementioned accident and repairs took place over 13 years ago. So, any problems would definitely have reared their head by now!


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      you might have some trouble selling that car here....
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        Bump. TTT.


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          maybe closer to tax time, Chistmas put a strain on our budget though. Bump for a great car!!!



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            Originally posted by kwhauck View Post
            maybe closer to tax time, Chistmas put a strain on our budget though. Bump for a great car!!!
            Thx man, I appreciate it.


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              Bumpity bump. TTT.


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                Meant to post this a few days ago, but went on an impromptu trip to Arizona. The Check Oil light problem has been fixed. I took the sensor out when I changed the oil two days ago (with a nice NAPA filter btw) and it was sticking. The wire part that completes the circuit on the OLS and kicks the Check Oil light was stuck extended out a bit. No more Check Oil light whatsoever. Stupid Check Gages light still comes on though......


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                  Free bump for a nice clean car
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                  Originally posted by Jay Leno
                  Tires are cheap clutches...


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                    Thx Pocket. Bump.


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                      Bump. Make me a cash offer. I need this car gone yesterday as of some bad events that occurred today. No reasonable offer will be refused!!!!!