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  • Another Chevette v6

    Hey guys, I've searched all builds in this forum, looked at everything needed to do a v6 swap in the US. The problem is that i'm in Brazil and parts availability is different... So, i got a chevette 1.6 notchback with stock 5 speed (not t5, i think this one is an Isuzu unity) and a scrap APV with gen 1 motor.
    Looking at what we got here, i finally got to the conclusion that the easiest way is getting a bell housing out of a holden with a 3.8 liter, 4l60e trans, and making an adaptor plate to fit my tranny.
    It has the starter on the driver side, which matches the APV motor.
    My question is: I've read that the minivan motor is trash, something to do with head cracking... Is it possible to do a swap for gen 3 intake and heads? Also, running no PS nor AC, can i still invert the intake manifold without the need to use the timing cover from a rwd car? Cuz we didn't got any of those...
    The final question is power figures... This setup with modern programmable injection, sparkpro ignition, ported aluminum heads and custom headers, i'm looking at 180hp? Maybe 190?