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1995 Grand Am Suspension Upgrades

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  • 1995 Grand Am Suspension Upgrades

    I know the J-body and N-body pretty much share all suspension components, at least through 94 for the J-body and 98 for the N-body.

    I've noticed a few things that changed throughout the years, one is lower control arms. In 94 the rear bushing was flipped so the bolt goes through vertically, I'm trying to figure out if this is better for performance in general or if this was done to reduce the harshness of the suspension. I know that changing types would require the older frame rails, not sure if the older ones are compatible since 94 was the first year for the L82 and 4T60-e combo.

    I've also noticed that the J-body seems to have used a compatible twist beam through '05. Does anyone know if the later twist beams are any different than the one that is currently on my car?