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LZ9 oil leak, timing cover?

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  • LZ9 oil leak, timing cover?

    Hi guys, my '08 Uplander with LZ9 has had the usual oil leaks repaired in the last few years; head gaskets, oil pain, oil filter adapter, rear main, crank. But it's leaking again mainly on the passenger side and from head height down to the subframe. A local shop says it's leaking oil from behind the timing cover and want about $1200 for the job. I don't have any manuals so I can't confirm. Could the timing cover be leaking oil? Personally I wonder if the LIM is leaking oil despite the head gaskets being replaced a few years ago. Going to degrease and run UV dye this weekend. Already ran it through the power steering system and no leaks (I was hoping it was PS related, easier to fix lol).

    Thanks for any input you have!

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    No oil goes though the head gaskets so they can't be your problem. Lower intake valley or timing cover are about it for that area.


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      Ok thanks for the information Ben.