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3500/3900 vvt to replace 3400

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  • 3500/3900 vvt to replace 3400

    So, i have a perfectly fine running miata that has a 3400 swapped in. It's healthy. Really fun at the autocross.

    But i want more. My buddy that runs scrap metal regularly picks up cars with 3500vvt, and occasionally 3900vvt setups. I can get the engine stupid cheap.

    I have heard, and can't seem to find reference to, the vvt engines being able to run on non vvt wiring and computer. Just no vvt action, which reverts the cam to retarded.

    Is this true?

    Since everything was custom made for this swap, and one off parts at that, what all will need to change? Headers? Oil pan? Flywheel or engine mounts?

    So, in short, how hard would it be to engine swap my engine swap?

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    Oil pans are not interchangeable, headers/exhaust manifolds are not interchangeable.

    Flywheel is interchangeable.

    Depending on how you did your engine mounts you may or may not be able to reuse them.

    Cooling system is different.

    Most people who swap the LZx engines into something without the VVT swap a different cam in using cam bearing spacers. You could likely use the VVTuner from DIYAutotune to control the VVT as a standalone function.

    If I swap an LZ9 into one of my vehicles my plan is to use an MS3 and use it to control the VVT.

    The LZ9 I am building for yet another vehicle I will be using the cam bearing spacers and using an aftermarket cam.


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      Well crap. Guyss that idea is out. Way too much work.