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2.8L (VVT) Specifications


  • 2.8L (VVT) Specifications

    Application Specification
    Metric English
    • Engine Type
    • Displacement
    2.8*Liter 171*cu*in
    • RPO
    • VIN
    • Bore
    89*mm 3.5039*in
    • Stroke
    74.8*mm 2.9449*in
    • Compression Ratio
    • Cranking RPM - at 40 C (104F)
    • Idle Speed
    600 A/C Off - 700 A/C On
    • Firing Order
    • Spark Plug Gap
    1.1*mm 0.0433*in
    • Crankshaft Main Bearing Bore Diameter
    72.867-72.881*mm 2.8688-2.8693*in
    • Cylinder Bore Diameter
    88.992-89.008*mm 3.5036-3.5042*in
    • Cylinder Bore Out-of-Round - Production Max.
    0.013*mm 0.0005*in
    • Camshaft Bearing Inside Diameter - Front Number*1
    35.000-35.020*mm 1.3779-1.3787*in
    • Camshaft Bearing Inside Diameter - Middle and Rear Number 2-4
    27.000-27.020*mm 1.0630-1.0638*in
    • Camshaft End Play
    0.045-0.215*mm 0.0018-0.0085*in
    • Camshaft Journal Diameter - Front Number*1
    34.936-34.960*mm 1.3754-1.3764*in
    • Camshaft Journal Diameter - Middle and Rear Number*2-4
    26.936-26.960*mm 1.0605-1.0614*in
    • Camshaft Journal Out-of-Round
    0.006*mm 0.0002*in
    • Camshaft Journal to Bore Clearance
    0.040-0.084*mm 0.0016-0.0033*in
    • Camshaft Lobe Duration - Exhaust @ 0.150*mm (0.0059*in) Lift
    • Camshaft Lobe Duration - Intake @ 0.150*mm (0.0059*in) Lift
    • Camshaft Lobe Lift - Exhaust
    42.456-42.756*mm 1.6715-1.6833*in
    • Camshaft Lobe Lift - Intake
    42.385-42.685*mm 1.6687-1.6805*in
    • Camshaft Lobe Overlap @ 0.150*mm (0.0059*in) Lift
    • Camshaft Runout - Front and Rear Number 1 and 4
    0.025*mm 0.0010*in
    • Camshaft Runout - Middle 2 and 3
    0.050*mm 0.0020*in
    • Camshaft Timing @ 0.15*mm (0.0059*in) Lift
    • Valve Opens - Exhaust
    -283*degrees BTDC
    • Valve Opens - Intake
    14*degrees ATDC
    • Centerline - Exhaust
    118*degrees ATDC
    • Centerline - Intake
    132*degrees ATDC
    • Valve Closes - Exhaust
    9*degrees ATDC
    • Valve Closes - Intake
    251*degrees ATDC
    • Valve Lift - Exhaust
    10.8*mm 0.4252*in
    • Valve Lift - Intake
    10.8*mm 0.4252*in
    Cooling System
    • Thermostat Full Open Temperature
    95C 203F
    Connecting Rod
    • Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance
    0.010-0.070*mm 0.0004-0.0028*in
    • Connecting Rod Bore Diameter - Bearing End
    59.620-59.636*mm 2.3472-2.3479*in
    • Connecting Rod Bore Diameter - Pin End
    24.007-24.021*mm 0.9452-0.9457*in
    • Connecting Rod Length - Center to Center
    155.8*mm 6.1338*in
    • Connecting Rod Side Clearance
    0.095-0.355*mm 0.0037-0.0140*in
    • Connecting Rod Width - Bearing End
    • Production
    21.775*mm 0.8573*in
    • Service
    21.770-21.780*mm 0.8571-0.8575*in
    • Connecting Rod Width - Pin End
    • Production
    26.000*mm 1.0236*in
    • Service
    25.950-26.050*mm 1.0217-1.0256*in
    • Connecting Rod Journal Diameter
    55.992-56.008*mm 2.2044-2.2050*in
    • Connecting Rod Journal Out-of-Round
    0.005*mm 0.0002*in
    • Connecting Rod Journal Taper
    0.005*mm 0.0002*in
    • Connecting Rod Journal Width
    • Production
    22.000*mm 0.8661*in
    • Service
    21.920-22.080*mm 0.8630-0.8693*in
    • Crankshaft End Play
    0.100-0.330*mm 0.0039-0.0130*in
    • Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance
    0.010-0.060*mm 0.0004-0.0024*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Diameter
    68.000*mm 2.6772*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Out-of-Round
    0.005*mm 0.0002*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Taper
    0.005*mm 0.0002*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Thrust Wall
    • Runout
    0.000-0.040*mm 0.0000-0.0016*in
    • Square
    0.000-0.010*mm 0.0000-0.0004*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Width, #2, 4
    • Production
    24.000*mm 0.9449*in
    • Service
    23.900-24.100*mm 0.9409-0.9488*in
    • Crankshaft Main Journal Width, #3
    • Production
    24.400*mm 0.9606*in
    • Service
    24.360-24.440*mm 0.9591-0.9622*in
    • Crankshaft Pilot Bearing Bore Diameter
    20.965-20.995*mm 0.8254-0.8266*in
    • Crankshaft Rear Flange Runout
    0.025*mm 0.0010*in
    • Crankshaft Reluctor Ring Runout - Maximum
    2.000*mm 0.0787*in
    • Crankshaft Runout
    0.030*mm 0.0012*in
    • Crankshaft Thrust Bearing Clearance
    0.076-0.305*mm 0.0030-0.0120*in
    • Crankshaft Thrust Surface - Height Diameter
    95.000*mm 3.7401*in
    • Crankshaft Thrust Surface Runout
    0.040*mm 0.0016*in
    Cylinder Head
    • Combustion Chamber Volume
    49.4*cc 3.015*cu*in
    • Valve Guide Bore - Exhaust
    6.000-6.020*mm 0.2362-0.2370*in
    • Valve Guide Bore - Intake
    6.000-6.020*mm 0.2362-0.2370*in
    • Valve Guide Installed Height
    14.050-14.550*mm 0.5531-0.5728*in
    • Valve Lifter Bore Diameter
    12.008-12.030*mm 0.4728-0.4736*in
    Lubrication System
    • Oil Capacity - With or Without Oil Filter Change
    5.7*Liters 6*Quarts
    • Oil Pressure - Minimum @ Idle
    69*kPa 10*psi
    • Oil Pressure - Minimum @ 2,000*RPM
    138*kPa 20*psi
    • Piston Cooling Jet Valve Opening Pressure
    1.7-2.3*bar 25-33*psi
    Oil Pump
    • Gear Diameter - Outer
    87.095-87.175*mm 3.4289-3.4321*in
    • Gear Pocket - Depth
    15.565-15.600*mm 0.6128-0.6142*in
    • Gear Pocket - Diameter
    87.275-87.325*mm 3.4360-3.4380*in
    • Gear Thickness - Drive/Driven
    15.511-15.536*mm 0.6107-0.6117*in
    • Gear-to-Cover Clearance - Drive/Driven
    0.030-0.085*mm 0.0012-0.0033*in
    • Gear-to-Housing Clearance - Drive/Driven
    0.100-0.230*mm 0.0039-0.0091*in
    • Inner Gear Tip Clearance
    0.075-0.180*mm 0.0030-0.0071*in
    • Crankshaft Clearance to Housing
    0.040-0.130*mm 0.0016-0.0051*in
    • Inner Gerotor Hub Diameter
    53.310-53.335*mm 2.0988-2.0998*in
    • Housing Hub Diameter
    53.380-53.420*mm 2.1016-2.1031*in
    • Inner Gerotor Hub Clearance to Housing
    0.045-0.110*mm 0.0018-0.0043*in
    Piston Rings
    • Piston Ring End Gap
    • First Compression Ring
    0.150-0.300*mm 0.0059-0.0118*in
    • Second Compression Ring
    0.280-0.480*mm 0.0110-0.0189*in
    • Oil Control Ring
    0.150-0.600*mm 0.0059-0.0236*in
    • Piston Ring to Groove Clearance
    • First Compression Ring
    0.030-0.065*mm 0.0012-0.0026*in
    • Second Compression Ring
    0.015-0.060*mm 0.0006-0.0024*in
    • Oil Control Ring
    0.030-0.170*mm 0.0012-0.0669*in
    • Piston Ring Thickness
    • First Compression Ring
    1.175-1.190*mm 0.0463-0.0469*in
    • Second Compression Ring
    1.470-1.495*mm 0.0579-0.0589*in
    • Oil Control Ring
    2.360-2.480*mm 0.0929-0.0976*in
    Pistons and Pins
    • Piston
    • Piston Diameter
    88.956-88.974*mm 3.5022-3.5029*in
    • Piston Pin Bore Diameter
    24.007-24.012*mm 0.9452-0.9454*in
    • Piston Ring Groove Width - First Compression Ring
    1.220-1.240*mm 0.0480-0.0488*in
    • Piston Ring Groove Width - Second Compression Ring
    1.510-1.530*mm 0.0595-0.0602*in
    • Piston Ring Groove Width - Oil Control Ring
    2.510-2.530*mm 0.0988-0.0996*in
    • Piston to Bore Clearance
    0.022-0.032*mm 0.0008-0.0013*in
    • Pin
    • Piston Pin Clearance to Connecting Rod Bore
    0.007-0.024*mm 0.0003-0.0010*in
    • Piston Pin Clearance to Piston Pin Bore
    0.007-0.015*mm 0.0003-0.0006*in
    • Piston Pin Diameter
    23.997-24.000*mm 0.9448-0.9449*in
    • Piston Pin Length
    65.24-65.74*mm 2.5685-2.5882*in
    Valve System
    • Valves
    • Valve Face Angle
    • Valve Face Runout
    0.038*mm 0.0015*in
    • Valve Face Width - Exhaust
    2.750*mm 0.1083*in
    • Valve Face Width - Intake
    2.180*mm 0.0858*in
    • Valve Head Diameter - Exhaust
    30.470-30.730*mm 1.1996-1.2098*in
    • Valve Head Diameter - Intake
    35.03-35.29*mm 1.3791-1.3894*in
    • Valve Installed Height
    35.23-36.69*mm 1.3870-1.4445*in
    • Valve Length - Exhaust
    97.11*mm 3.8232*in
    • Valve Length - Intake
    101.23*mm 3.9854*in
    • Valve Seat Angle - Seating Surface
    • Valve Seat Angle - Relief Surface
    • Valve Seat Angle - Undercut Surface
    • Valve Seat Runout - Maximum
    0.050*mm 0.0020*in
    • Valve Seat Width - Exhaust Seating Surface
    1.400-1.800*mm 0.0551-0.0709*in
    • Valve Seat Width - Exhaust Relief Surface
    0.700-0.900*mm 0.0276-0.0354*in
    • Valve Seat Width - Intake Seating Surface
    1.000-1.400*mm 0.0394-0.0551*in
    • Valve Seat Width - Intake Relief Surface
    0.500-0.700*mm 0.0197-0.0276*in
    • Valve Stem Diameter - Exhaust
    5.945-5.965*mm 0.2341-0.2348*in
    • Valve Stem Diameter - Intake
    5.955-5.975*mm 0.2344-0.2352*in
    • Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance - Exhaust
    0.035-0.075*mm 0.0014-0.0030*in
    • Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance - Intake
    0.025-0.065*mm 0.0010-0.0026*in
    • Valve Lifters
    • Valve Lifter Diameter
    11.989-12.000*mm 0.4720-0.4724*in
    • Valve Lifter-to-Bore Clearance
    0.037-0.041*mm 0.0015-0.0016*in
    • Rocker Arms
    • Valve Rocker Arm Ratio
    1.68 to 1
    • Valve Rocker Arm Roller Diameter
    17.740-17.800*mm 0.6987-0.7008*in
    • Valve Springs
    • Valve Spring Coil Thickness
    3.250 x 3.900*mm 0.1280 x 0.1535*in
    • Valve Spring Diameter - Inside Top
    12.090-12.590*mm 0.4760-0.4957*in
    • Valve Spring Diameter - Outside Top
    20.140*mm 0.7929*in
    • Valve Spring Diameter - Inside Bottom
    17.950-18.450*mm 0.7067-0.7264*in
    • Valve Spring Diameter - Outside Bottom
    26.000*mm 1.0236*in
    • Valve Spring Free Length
    42.050-44.850*mm 1.6555-1.7657*in
    • Valve Spring Installed Height - Closed
    35.000*mm 1.3779*in
    • Valve Spring Installed Height - Open
    24.000*mm 0.9449*in
    • Valve Spring Load - Closed
    247-273*N 56-61*lb
    • Valve Spring Load - Open
    598-662*N 134-149*lb
    • Valve Spring Total Number of Coils

    Fastener Tightening Specifications

    Application Specification
    Metric English
    • Compressor Bolt - Front
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Compressor Bolt - Rear
    22*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Compressor Bracket Bolt - Front
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Compressor Hose Assembly Bolt
    9*Nm 80*lb*in
    Camshaft Position Actuator
    • Camshaft Bolt
    58*Nm 43*lb*ft
    • Oil Control Valve Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Camshaft Cap Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Camshaft Cover Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Camshaft Cover Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Camshaft Intermediate Drive Sprocket Bolt - Idler Sprocket 58*Nm 43*lb*ft
    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Catalytic Converter
    • Exhaust Manifold Nut
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    Close Out Cover Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts 23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Connecting Rod Bolt
    • First Pass
    30*Nm 22*lb*ft
    • Second Pass - Counter Clockwise
    Back Off to Zero
    • Third Pass
    25*Nm 18*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Coolant Outlet Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Crankshaft Balancer Bolt
    • First Pass
    100*Nm 74*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Bolt
    • First Pass
    20*Nm 15*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    • First Pass
    15*Nm 10*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    • First Pass
    30*Nm 22*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Crankshaft Position Sensor Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Housing Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Cylinder Head Bolt - M8
    • First Pass
    15*Nm 10*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Cylinder Head Bolt - M11
    • First Pass
    45*Nm 33*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Cylinder Head Core Hole Plug 31*Nm 23*lb*ft
    Drive Belt
    • Idler Pulley Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Tensioner Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bracket Bolt - Front
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Bracket Bolt - Side
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Grounding Bolt
    4.5*Nm 40*lb*in
    ECT Sensor 22*Nm 16*lb*ft
    Engine Flywheel Bolt
    • First Pass
    30*Nm 22*lb*ft
    • Final Pass
    Engine Front Cover Bolt 23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Engine Mount
    • Bracket Bolt to Engine Block - M8
    38*Nm 28*lb*ft
    • Bracket Bolt to Engine Block - M10
    60*Nm 45*lb*ft
    • Nut to Engine Mount Bracket
    80*Nm 59*lb*ft
    • Nut to Frame
    80*Nm 59*lb*ft
    EVAP Purge Valve Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Engine Wiring Harness Bracket
    • Bolt - Cylinder Head Rear
    40*Nm 30*lb*ft
    • Bolt - ECM Bracket Side
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Bolt - ECM Bracket Top
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt - Left Side Oil Filter Adapter
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt - Left Side Oil Pan
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt - Near Crankshaft Position Sensor
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Right Side Block Front
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Right Side Head Front
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Engine Wiring Harness Ground
    • Bolt - ECM Bracket Top
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt - Left Cylinder Head Side
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt - Right Cylinder Head Rear
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Exhaust Manifold
    • Bolt
    20*Nm 15*lb*ft
    • Heat Shield Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Fuel Rail Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Bracket Bolt - Front
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Bracket Bolt - Side
    22*Nm 16*lb*ft
    • Cable Nut
    13*Nm 115*lb*in
    Ground Cable Bolt 50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    Heater Inlet/Outlet Pipe Assembly Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Ignition Coil Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Intake Manifold
    • Brace Bolt - Engine Front Cover M12
    65*Nm 48*lb*ft
    • Brace Bolt/Ball Stud - Intake Manifold M6
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Sight Shield Ball Stud
    9*Nm 80*lb*in
    • Tuning Valve Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Upper-to-Cylinder Head Bolt - Long
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Upper-to-Cylinder Head Bolt - Short
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Upper-to-Lower Intake Manifold Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Knock Sensor Bolt 23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    MAP Sensor Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Oil Drain Plug 25*Nm 18*lb*ft
    Oil Filter Cap 25*Nm 18*lb*ft
    Oil Filter Housing Adapter
    • Bolt - Cylinder Head M10
    65*Nm 48*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Engine Block M8
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Oil Gallery Plug 31*Nm 23*lb*ft
    Oil Level Indicator Tube Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Oil Level Sensor Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Oil Pan
    • Bolt - Block M8
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Housing M6
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Windage Tray Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Oil Pressure Sender 20*Nm 15*lb*ft
    Oil Pump
    • Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Cover Bolt
    13*Nm 115*lb*in
    Oxygen Sensor
    • Pump Converter Pipe
    40*Nm 30*lb*ft
    PCV Tube Bracket Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Piston Oil Cooling Nozzle Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Power Steering Pump
    • Bracket to Engine Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Pump to Bracket Bolt
    22*Nm 16*lb*ft
    • Reservoir Bolt - Lower
    25*Nm 18*lb*ft
    • Reservoir Bolt - Upper
    9*Nm 80*lb*in
    Primary Camshaft Drive Chain
    • Left Guide Bolt - Oil Pump
    13*Nm 115*lb*in
    • Tensioner Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Upper Guide Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Radiator Outlet Pipe
    • Bolt - Generator Bracket
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Right Cylinder Head Rear
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Bolt - Thermostat Housing
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Secondary Camshaft Drive Chain
    • Guide Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Shoe Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    • Tensioner Bolt
    23*Nm 17*lb*ft
    Spark Plug 18*Nm 13*lb*ft
    Starter Motor
    • Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    • Cable Nut
    13*Nm 115*lb*in
    Suction Tube Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Suction Screen Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Thermostat Housing Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Throttle Body Bolt 10*Nm 89*lb*in
    Torque Converter Bolt 60*Nm 44*lb*ft
    • Mount Bolt to Transmission - RPO*M82
    60*Nm 45*lb*ft
    • Range Selector Lever Nut
    9.5*Nm 84*lb*in
    • To Engine Bolt
    50*Nm 37*lb*ft
    Water Pump
    • Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
    • Pulley Bolt
    10*Nm 89*lb*in
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