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Vehicle ECM List


  • OBD1 ECM List

    Body Style
    ECM P/N
    P-Body (Fiero) 1985 L44 1226869
    1986-1988 L44 1227170
    A-Body (Celebrity, 6000, Century, Cutlass Ciera/Cruiser) 1985 L44 1226869
    1986-1988 L44 1227170
    1986 LB6 1226870/1227302
    1987-1989 LB6 1227730
    1988-1993 LH0 1227730
    1994-1995 L82 16196387
    X-Body (Omega, Phoenix, Skylark, Citation) 1985 L44 1226869
    1985 LB6 1226870
    J-Body (Cimarron, Firenza, Skyhawk, Cavalier,
    1985-1986 LB6 1226870/1227302
    1987-1989 LB6 1227730
    1990-1994 LH0 1227730
    F-Body (Camaro, Firebird) 1985-1986 LB8 1226870/1227302
    1987-1989 LB8 1227302
    1990-1992 LH0 1227730
    1993 L32 16172693
    1994-1995 L32 16196397 Man
    1994-1995 L32 16184737 Auto
    S-Body (S-10, S-15, Blazer, Jimmy) 1986-1988 LL2 1227429
    1988-1993 LL2 1228062
    W-Body (Regal, Cutlass Supreme, Grand Prix, Lumina,
    Monte Carlo)
    1988-1989 LB6 1227727
    1989-1992 LH0 1227727
    1993-1994 LH0 16149396
    1989-1990 LG5 1227727
    1991-1993 LQ1 16149396
    1994-1995 LQ1 16196401
    1993 L82 16184164
    1994-1995 L82 16196397
    L-Body (Beretta, Corsica) 1987-1989 LB6 1227730
    1990-1993 LH0 1227730
    1994-1995 L82 16196397
    U-Body (Lumina APV, Silhouette, Trans Sport) 1990 LG6 1228838
    1991-1993 LG6 16149405
    1994-1995 LG6 16196391
    N-Body (Grand Am, Skylark, Achieva) 1994-1995 L82 16196397
    Part Number Revisions:
    Certain ECMs were re-released with different part numbers. There may or may not be slight changes
    in the internal parts, but they are interchangeable. They may even be just the numbers that are
    assigned if it is a re-manufactured ECU.

    • 16196404
    • 16196344
    • 16198262

    • 16197128
    • 16198260

    Certain cars were set up to use ethanol/methanol/flex-fuel from the factory, as far as i can tell, the
    only models that had this option are 1991-1992 Luminas. They use a 16153084 ECM. It is
    externally identical to a 1227727. The known BCCs that use this are: AXAW, AXFX, AZRT, BAHA,
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