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V5 A/C compressor teardown / re-seal...

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  • V5 A/C compressor tear down / re-seal...

    Now use the puller on the clutch magnet.
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_66## -->

    OFF with the clutch magnet!
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_67## -->

    Nasty looking. Will need to clean this SPOTLESSLY clean before opening it.
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_68## -->

    After a few minutes with the Purple Soap and pressure washer, it's all clean!
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_69## -->

    Remove the external parts. Take out the compensating valve and the oil plug.
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_70## -->

    Remove the bolts that hold the compressor together.
    <!-- ##phrase_image_larger_version_x_y_z_71## -->

    • Tbay99Venture
      Tbay99Venture commented
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      +10 on the problem aligning the pistons if they pop out. I did that once with a Sanden. My biggest problem comes back to keeping everything clean. He makes it look easy, for some of us that's 100% attention to keep things clean. I think 60degreesBelow0 mentioned some nitrogen flushing tips, maybe I'm confusing posts. That would be helpful to link from this.

    • bszopi
      bszopi commented
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      Pics are now hosted here. Clicking on the pictures will show the full size version, if needed. I also split it up into multiple pages so make load time faster, as well as making it easier to follow.

    • davida1_hiwaay_net
      davida1_hiwaay_net commented
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      Thanks for hosting the pictures here! My home computer has just a limited number of connections it can handle.
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