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1990 Isuzu project

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  • 1990 Isuzu project

    Hello, new here. Have a 1990 Isuzu 4x4 pickup i am working on swapping a 3.1L turbocharged engine into. Be a fairly long project because like most people i got too many. Will have a few questions in the furure regarding swapping a FWD engine into a RWD vechicle. Thanks

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    Is it from the turbo grand prix? Not sure what all will need to be done but the starter location is for sure different. I would think a new exhaust and turbo setup would be necessary for a RWD conversion. Def take some pics as you get this going, it isn't often a gen 2 motor gets swapped into something these days.


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      Is from a 90 grand Prix. Have a rear wheel drive block that i plan to swap everything into. Going to be some fab work on the exhaust but gives me something to look forward too. Need to source a trans from a trooper that came with a v6 as the 4cly one won't work.Did buy a non running trooper that i was going to use as a parts truck but 15 bucks later it was running good enough to not part it out.