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    Pls do not shop wit this guy he is a terrible business man …I ordered a rear cradle from him back in October which I haven’t received yet then order a set of header like a dummy in January yep you guessed rite I haven’t gotten them either…I called and Emailed him no answer so I had a friend call he pick up on first ring so I asked for a refund but his response is there is no refund on custom products…he puts a disclaimer in the description when you purchase to justify him not giving your money back but instead being able to do it when he gets ready I’ve read lots of bad things on this guy but shopped with him anyway and I’m reaping the consequences of it now ..but unlike other people I’m renting a car and gonna take that 9hr drive and get my parts or money ! Ben has everything you need for the 60 degree engine save yourself so time and aggravation shop wit Wot-Tech

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    Nothing will change.


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      I didn't realize that GAGT and Milzy were still around.
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        Originally posted by bszopi View Post
        I didn't realize that GAGT and Milzy were still around.
        Its around but dead
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          Milzy motorsports current lead times:

          3500 swap kit..... ordered 12/12/2017 Has not arrived/no updates
          68mm throttle body.....ordered 12/12/2017 Has not arrived/no updates. Recently ordered the 65mm throttle body kit from Wottech...arrived in a few days lol
          Heater tube.....ordered 12/18/2017 Arrived 02/2019
          Headers 3400/3500..... ordered 01/05/2018 Has not arrived/no updates*
          36 lb injectors....ordered 01/19/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          MMS cold air intake...ordered 02/15/2018 Has not arrived/no updates
          EGR delete kit....ordered 03/09/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          Stage 2 package...ordered 04/12/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          MMS trans mount....ordered 04/12/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          MMS engine mount.... ordered 04/12/2018 Has not arrived/no updates
          Powdercoat package....ordered 04/12/2018 Arrived 08/2021-terrible quality....sent email in 2020 asking no powdercoat and MMS keeps the funds to get my cores back at least/speed things up however the company sends me parts that need finished, that are damaged, or harmful to my project....the internal engine side of intake was coated lol....lots of prep work needs done/mistakes need corrected...may do youtube vid on this build... these parts will be featured
          MMS pushrods....ordered 04/12/2018 Arrived 02/2019 Are NOT LIGHTER than stock as website claims....
          Lifters with LS internals....ordered 04/12/2018 Arrived 08/2021
          Internal crank trigger....ordered 10/11/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          Double roller chain set......ordered 10/11/2018 Arrived 02/2019
          MMS stage 2 computer....ordered 02/28/2018 Has not arrived/no updates. Recently ordered the performance computer from Wottech ...arrived in about a week lol
          There are more parts but hopefully anyone that reads this gets the picture.....for godsakes I hope this helps someone make an informed decision.

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            I’m renting a car and gonna take that 9hr drive and get my parts or money
            @Z24 First of all, sorry to hear that you and others are in the same boat with myself in regards to MMS. If you are planning on making the trip up there anyway, maybe one possible solution would be to wait a month or two and see if the headers are actually completed....MMS website claims the following; "We are currently working on completing our first batch of production headers (as opposed to the hand-made sets have been making up until now). We anticipate that we will finish this batch in spring 2022."In the meantime, since you are already figuring on making the trip, maybe let MMS know that you do not want the headers shipped to you. Instead, when the parts are completed, you will arrive at the MMS facility to personally verify fitment before accepting the headers. The main reason for this suggestion is that the original MMS "hand built" fabricator no longer builds these headers, so we do not know the quality / fitment of the "new" batch of headers. There should be a cut-away n-body in the facility that can be used for fitment verification. As far as weld / build quality / durability....not really sure there.... we need some type of warranty / guarantee beyond the norm maybe as we are essentially now being sold untried prototype parts?

            Not sure what you were told at the time of purchase. I was told at the time of purchase that I was buying the strictly hand-built ones from the original fabricator.......It wasn't until the X3 group buy came out on GAGT that I found out otherwise.....MMS did not notify me of this change, so I can only imagine what BS you were told.

            Well at this point, I let MMS know not to ship anymore parts to me. I will instead wait for pics of the completed parts and then I will go to the Dayton facility to check them out first before accepting anymore items from MMS. Hopefully, the rest of the parts due to us are not as terrible in quality as the powdercoated junk I received last summer. I gave them until 06/01/2022...then MMS can request an extension... lol. We will see how that goes...also gave them a refund again

            Hope that it all works out and everyone is happy in the end somehow.

            Ben has everything you need for the 60 degree engine save yourself so time and aggravation shop wit Wot-Tech