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    I’m from SC where grudge racing is a big goal is a 10s 1/4 … current engine is a 3400/3500 with a 68mm TCE tb and the Little thumper cam and tune from WOT-Tech. I’ll post times after the track this weekend
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    Cool, can't wait for the 14.6 slip!

    10's, you got some work ahead of you assuming your staying in the same platform. Switch to something lighter and with better suspension aftermarket and you'll make quite the jump in lowering your ET.

    What is your plans to make 10s?
    14.63@92.9 -Full LX9 with CAI, 65MM TB, 2.5in DP, Borla Cat-Back, Crappy tires, Quick tune (Dyno Soon)


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      Getting traction will be the biggest deal, or perhaps a transmission that supports the power to run 10s? boost or nitrous can get these engines to make the power needed but its a lofty goal for sure


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        I will be running nitrous …I have the car down to 2300 with a 170lb driver also made a few runs with the dragy Sun. got some traction and fuel issues so he let out before the 1/4 high 12s through stock exhaust manifolds and 3400 …waiting on header and some tuning should net low 12s ..then on to my 3500 build 10s here we come
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          Where about are you in SC? once I get my Gran Damn back together, we might have to line up!
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            Around the Columbia ,Florence area …and yes for sure