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Problems with the site? Let me know!


  • Problems with the site? Let me know!

    Ok, so maybe the newest release of the software wasn't as fixed as I had thought. But, its too late now to go back. Sorry!

    With that said, I know some people are having issues with the site, and I am trying to find resolutions as best as I can. One thing I have noticed is that it all seems to work when using Firefox. Now, obviously not everyone wants to (or can, in some instances) switch over to Firefox, or another browser like Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. I know some of those other browsers have issues as well, but it appears that IE7 and IE8 have the most. Sidenote, if you are still running IE6, it really is time to upgrade to something newer!!

    Anyway, if you can read this, but are having other issues and can't post to the site, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. You can send me an email (bszopi at, and I will try to work with each person individually to try to figure out a solution. I really don't want to loose any members just because we decided to upgrade our software, but I know it can be frustrating at times.



    • SappySE107
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      That post is from 06. Lots of old posts are going to link to bad pages or sites by now.

    • bszopi
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      You can still get the page to load, it just takes some editting of the URL. For instance, here is what one of the links looks like

      In order to make it work, replace the ?t= with a /, like this:

      That will allow it to load up for you. Its just that through the years, vbulletin has changed the way it calls to the threads, so you need to adapt to make it work. Unfortunately, it is just impractical for us to try to go back through the 200k posts and try to fix links. Hopefully what I showed above will help people figure out some things, and possibly be able to link properly when reposting the links now.

    • cerealjoe
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      Originally posted by 86FieroSEv6
      Spammers . . . . . need to kill the spammers . . . . . . pweeze?
      Yeah right! I hate spammers who always keep in spamming with off topic. Banned all spammers!
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