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    It's been awhile since I posted any news, so figured it was about time. Not much has been going on with the site, besides the temporary downtime, and subsequent software upgrade. I also decided to get rid of some of the bloat and get the site back to where it used to be. A fast site full of information. And will that said, how about we get some more information going?!? It seems that my ongoing rants, raves, and pleas for users to add content is for the most part failing yet again. So I'm going to try going about this a different way...

    I want you, the users of the site, to tell me what you want. The topic with the most interest is what I will work on. I'll do all the research, and put together the article, full of pictures, graphs, or whatever it takes to fulfill the the article. Depending on how it goes, maybe I can do one a month. In a few years, perhaps will have some decent content back up on the site.

    I would like to thank robertisaar, Tbay99Venture, geldartb, and 60dgrzbelow0 for their article contributions. Didn't want you guys to think I was ignoring your contributions.

    • bszopi
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      Ok, so I am working on the exploded diagram right now. I have all of the original exploded views for reference, I have all of the old numbers erased, and I have started to get the new numbers put in. I am starting a business trip as I type this, but it is only for a seminar, so I have plenty of time to mess with this. My goal, for right now, is to get the image done, as well as the image map (click on a number to send you to a description page). For now, all of the component will be named (rollover the number and it will show the component name), and go to a default page for information not entered. From there, I will begin to build the individual pages for all of the various components. The individual pages will be in the future, though.

    • SappySE107
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      Awesome. Make a copy of the map and key so we can use it for multiple engines, as well as for WOT-Tech possibly. I think it would be awesome to have an image map of an engine bay, or of all the parts we cover. Engine, computer, transmission. Obviously, this is just for after the engine stuff is done, which I am sure will take some time.

    • bszopi
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      I think this one will work for all 3x00s, and maybe more. Just need to see how in-depth each component page gets. I'd love to see descriptions, part numbers, links to troubleshooting, etc. for each component (as required, obviously).

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