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Latest happenings with the site

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  • Latest happenings with the site

    Ok, so we've been on the new set up for a couple of weeks now, and hopefully most everyone is getting used to the new layout. I have a feeling we may have lost some people along the way, or maybe people are just getting busy. It just doesn't seem as active as it was a month or so ago. I know there are still some bugs with the software, but hopefully its not stopping people from using the forum. But, if you are still having issues, send me a PM or email (bszopi at 60degreev6.com), and hopefully we can get things figured out. The next release of the software, where hopefully all of the bugs will be fixed, appears to still be 3-4 weeks away. We shall see...

    In other news, donations are down significantly. I'm not complaining really, its just wierd that I don't think we got a single donation in April. Granted, the system was down for a week or so during the software change. I am looking into starting to do something like we did in February again. Not sure it will be WOT-Tech gift certificates, but it may be some 60V6 merchandise from our store. By the way, I just added a beer stein as a product. Not the fanciest thing, but I think its worth the $16 asking price.

    For those that haven't seen it, Ben created a new style for the site, which I am looking to make the default style, as it seems to work very well with everything. I'm pretty impressed with it, and I didn't even have to fix anything for him. The style is #107, and can be selected from the dropdown menu in the lower lefthand corner of the site. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Articles are SLOWLY coming back in the new system. The old "Old Articles" is available via the forums, in the Site Related > Site Articles area. The other old articles are currently up on a temp website, www.bszopi.net/drupal , if you need to find something and it hasn't been moved over. Besides lack of time, one of the reasons that the articles haven't been moved over is because so many of them are terribly out of date. I would LOVE IT if some members took the initiative to pick an article (even just one), and update it as best as possible. One nice thing with the new setup is the ability to transfer a forum post (just a single post, not an entire thread) and "promote" it to an article. So if you come across a post that you think would be a great article, or even just the start of a great article, let me know and we can get it promoted and up on the system.

    I guess that's it for now. I'm going to try to use the main page more often now that it is more user friendly. I'd like to think that there will be something for me to post at least once a week, but you never know. Anyway, I just like to thank all the members for continuing to make this site such a great place to visit!

    • 2.8-350TBI
      RWD FTW!!!
      2.8-350TBI commented
      Editing a comment
      I like the old setup
      But I like the new setup only for its cool looks
      Ive just been busy, as it is the busy season

      Ive been building my dads 4.3 instead of building my 2.8

    • RednBlack
      Wood Hippie
      RednBlack commented
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      But who are the spiders?

    • nixtux
      nixtux commented
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      I'm liking the new forum. The old forum I had cookie issues so my session would randomly timeout
      and my posts would sometimes be lost. It was only on my notebook in windows or if I didn't add
      www. I don't recall the exact issue but it seems resolved now and it wasn't something that I'd
      personally complain about on a free forum.

      So far I haven't had the issue since the update. For me at least the update has improved the overall
      usability. I don't get on here enough to really find bugs and stuff, but if people are leaving a free
      forum from some minor bugs they would've left sooner or later anyway. I write software for living
      and we have outages and downtime and bugs and it's a paid service. The clients that leave when we
      have issues are the ones I'm glad left because they were more of headache than it was worth. We
      have clients that use other services and come back because they suck worse. Not saying the site
      sucks or the software I write sucks, but nothings perfect as far as software goes. You just do the best
      you can and hope it works out. Just putting that out there.
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