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    Well, I typically post a new message on the home page about every 2 weeks, but not much has happened recently which would warrant a post. So, I decided to make something up. Anyway, just wanted to post some interesting stats, which I have been trying to watch since we've switched to the new forum software. So here goes!

    Tapatalk usage - In the past 10 days, only one person has accessed the site via Tapatalk. Guess who that person was? Me! For those that have no idea what I am talking about, check out this post.

    Site Visits - Over the past month, we average just under 800 visits a day. This is actually an increase from the old setup, mainly because I think we are indexed better on the search engines. That being said, 60% of the traffic is from search engines, and the remaining 40% is split equally between links from other sites and people accessing the site directly via the URL. We get the most traffic on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the least traffic on Saturday.

    Visiting Countries - Its pretty easy to realize that most of our traffic comes from the US, Canada, and Mexico, in that order. The rest of the top 10 is quite interesting, though. Australia, the UK, Poland, German, Sweden, Puerto Rico, and Finland round out the top 10. Interestingly enough, the number of pages viewed per visit doesn't correlate much to the previous list. That list is as follows: Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Austria, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, and Honduras. Does that mean we are popular in the Middle East?

    Browsers and OS - Only 49% of the visitors use Internet Explorer, while 36% use Firefox, 7% use Chrome, and 6% use Safari. 90% of users are on Windows (3 visits in the last month have been from Windows ME?!?), 5% are on a Mac, and 2% use Linux.

    I guess that's it. I wish there was a way to track the usage of the chat box, as I have contemplated getting rid of it. But I know there are people who use it regularly. Just not sure of the overall benefit of it. I know it makes page loads somewhat longer. If anyone has any comments on the site, perhaps ways we can improve it (besides adding more content - I'm relying on you guys for that, and you are failing miserably), let me know. I would love to see the site continue to grow, instead of basically sit stagnant like we are now. We continue to gain new members every day, but we also loose around the same amount of users each day as well. I want to find a way to keep new users active on the site, but I'm not sure how to do it.

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      Originally posted by Superdave
      damn, i'm having a hard time getting the HDD to spin up on my 486 laptop with win 3.1. I think she finally kicked the bucket

      *edit, she's alive!

      Monochrome display FTW. Now if it only had a web browser....
      Google Netscape for Win 3.0... it's out there and I bet it would fit on a floppy. I ran 3.1 on a old skool AMD K6-300. It was fast compared to the old Compaq 80386/12MB ram. Those where the days. 16 colors... A little better then mono; what I would have given for 256-colors on that compaq. I had a 80286 in 95' that had a 768k video card and DOS porn. I was about 12 then and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    • Tbay99Venture
      Push-starting the old way
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      Tapatalk usage - In the past 10 days, only one person has accessed the site via Tapatalk. Guess who that person was? Me!
      I only have the freeware version but I did use it on the 2nd of the month. Wonder why that didn't hit the stats?

    • stewartfn18
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      pretty cool stats. never knew u kept track of this stuff
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